Grab Rail Types

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Mini Grab Rails
Mini Grab Rails - Comes In Polished or Brushed
Plastic Grab Rails
Plastic Grab Rails - Many styles and many different style grab rails. Take a look
Copper Cranked Rail
Copper Cranked Rail
Brass Grab Rails
Brass Grab Rails - Popular Sellers
Italian Designer Rails
Italian Designer Grab Rails
Stainless Steel Polished
Stainless Steel Polished
Stainless Steel Brushed Grab Rails
Stainless Steel Brushed Grab Rails
Stainless Steel Grab Rails
Stainless Steel Grab Rails - Ideal for domestic and commercial applications
White Steel Grab Rails
White Steel Grab Rails - Many different sizes and a huge range of white steel rails
Chrome Grab Rails
Grab Rails In Chrome - A true luxury looking range of contemporary grab rails. Ideal for domestic house holds, nursing homes, commercial and business, hotels etc.
Flat End Plastic Grab Rails
Flat Grip Plastic Grab Rail - Designed for use in tight spaces where a traditional flange won't fit.
Spectrum Range Grab Rails
The Spectrum Grab Rail Range - See our different Spectrum range products
Plastic fluted 135 Cranked Rail
Plastic Fluted 135° Cranked Rail. Supports the users hand and forearn. Ideal for use in shower or next to WC.
Bath Rail
A epoxy coated rail with a different shaped handle that also assists with standing up or sitting down in the bath.
Wall Mounted Grab Rail For Bath
Wall Mounted Grab Rail For The Bath - Hinged support rail that is fixed to the wall over the bath.
Back Rest Rail - Gives support to user when using a low level WC. - Doc M Compliant.

There are many grab rail types from different materials, colours, sizes and styles. Here we have a wide variety of grab rails which aid the user which extra support.

Grab- > Grab Rail Types

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